21st August 2021: 07:30 pm to 9:00 pm (IST)


Intellex conducts IRSE and CPD UK certified Railway RAMS, System Engineering, and Assurance Course. The course is expected to enable the participants to understand how Safety Assurance, RAMS, and System engineering principles are more than paperwork and add real value to the design development of the railway projects. It will help to develop an appreciation of RAMS & System engineering among design engineers.

RAMS and System Engineering and Assurance processes are essential ingredients for ensuring efficiency and safety of railway operation. With increased awareness due to globalisation, stakeholders are now demanding world-class performance from the railway systems, thus increasing the requirement for engineers trained in the area of RAMS, System engineering and System Assurance.

Intellex Consulting Services UK Ltd has teamed up experienced RAMS and Systems consultants with expertise in training, to introduce a range of courses in varying level of depth and coverage of these topics to cater to the skill requirements of senior managers, discipline engineers, practicing RAMS engineers and whosoever desires to develop skill in these areas.

The faculty members possess specialised qualifications and training experience in these areas and are senior practitioners in RAMS, System engineering and System Assurance, having over 20 years of experience in Railway RAMS. They have executed sophisticated railway projects and conducted RAMS analysis and System Assurance for various projects in UK, Middle East, India and North America.

We have designed courses that are modular and allow participants to progress in their own pace. The courses are delivered online supported with live sessions. Our objective is to provide expert knowledge to those working in the rail industry, developing the skills necessary for organisations to achieve world-class safety and performance.

If interested, please attend the live webinars with Q&A session (schedule and details of webinar given below) to know more about these courses and how a successful completion can improve your competence in these topics.
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