(RI)TRAK Track maintenance strategy optimisation Tool

Intellex has developed an interesting tool in association with university of Birmingham for determining optimum strategy for ballast track maintenance and it will enable railway operators across the world to predict maintenance interventions required to optimise transportation costs.

Key Benefits

RITRAK employs a whole-life cycle approach which will enable the investment of railway track design and maintenance to be appraised using a whole life cycle cost benefit analysis by considering economic, social and environmental benefits and costs of track and rolling stock maintenance.
RITRAK allows you to quickly and easily test alternative strategies for optimising railway investments and effectively plan for improvements to railway infrastructure and operations.
RITRAK provides you with improved capabilities to monitor and predict the performance. operations. budgets and safety of the railway infrastructure on a digital platform.
RITRAK employs an intelligent risk-informed approach to deal with the uncertainties and risks associated with railway safety lack of data effectiveness, costs and benefits of maintenance.
RITRAK takes advantage of high-performance algorithms, state-of-the-art methodologies and software technology that is continually enhanced and tested to meet the highest industry standards.
Easily build models. input and store your data and reproduce for numerous alternative strategies. Automated easy-to-use and graphical reporting that enables results to be easily analysed.

Features of (RI)TRAK  Tool:

  • Track conditioning monitoring

  • Track maintenance requirement prediction

  • Whole lifecycle analysis

  • Rolling stock maintenance optimisation

  • Accident Prediction
  • Train operating cost optimisation

  • Risk-informed asset management

  • System engineering approach

  • Predictive analysis

  • Social benefit analysis

  • Environmental impact analysis

  • Reliability analysis