System Assurance is the process a project shall adhere to ensure that its goals are delivered safely and reliably as well as meet its objectives. This involve assuring the products and the systems used as well as assuring the process followed in the system development.

System Assurance (SysA) is the planned and systematic set of engineering activities necessary to assure that products conform with all applicable system requirements for safety, security, reliability, availability, maintainability, standards, procedures, and regulations, to provide the user with acceptable confidence that the system behaves as intended in the expected operational context.

Assurance Hierarchy

Generally issues are found in the assurance stages,thus the details of the system Assurance is required to be provided at product level up to the system levels. We at Intellex can undertake safety assurance from product safety assurance to system safety assurance by complying to EN61508 & EN50126/8/9 standards.

  • Product Assurance – Assuring the products used in the project has been developed in accordance with applicable standards(EN61508), proven legacy of maturity of application
  • Subsystem Assurance – For larger projects, system is divided into subsystems functionally. Each subsystem requires a degree of Assurance deepening on its safety criticality in accordance with CSM,EN50126/8/9.
  • System Assurance – System Assurance is about assuring the change introduced to the railway is integrated properly and any risk arising from interface hazards has been mitigated to ALARP in accordance with CSM,EN50126/8/9.

We provide assurance framework for all the stages and ensure that all the assurance activities are followed by working on the following activities:

  • Developing Assurance Matrix
  • Conducting Assurance meeting
  • Collecting evidences
  • Issue Management

Assurance Stages

We do system assurance through various stages as discussed below:

  • Concept Design Assurance – The assurance provided at the stage of concept design to demonstrate that the concept design is fit for purpose and any risk introduced has been mitigated to ALARP.
  • Design Compliance Assurance The assurance submission at the detailed design stage to demonstrate that the same is fit for purpose and any risk introduced has been mitigated to ALARP.
  • Testing Assurance – The assurance submitted during the testing stage to demonstrate that the testing activities does not introduce any risk to the operational railway.
  • Commissioning Assurance – The assurance at the commissioning stage to demonstrate that the proposed system has an accepted design, passed the tests and is demonstrated to be fit for purpose and any risk has been mitigated to ALARP.
  • Assurance for System Handover – The assurance after successful commissioning of the system and the liability period to demonstrate that the system is fit for purpose and any risk has been mitigated to ALARP.
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