Engineering safety is the discipline which assures safety of users of the delivered system by following robust processes during delivery stages. It is thus ensured that systems provide acceptable levels of safety, thereby ensuring that system behave in predictable ways even in a failure condition.

At Intellex, our engineers ensure system safety in a project by

  • Safety Integrity of products/functions
  • Safe application design of products
  • Adherence to application rules
  • Maintainers’ training

We undertake the following safety processes

  • Identify hazards in the proposed solution
  • Mitigate hazards in the design by interlocks, safety systems
  • Identify operability hazards of the design
  • Mitigate operability hazards by procedures, training
  • Demonstrate acceptable levels of risk


We undertake the following activities as part of our System Safety consultancy:

  • Safety Assurance throughout the V cycle
  • Producing engineering safety management plan
  • Undertaking Preliminary Hazard Analysis
  • Establish Hazard Log
  • Undertaking System Hazard Analysis
  • Undertaking HAZOP & OSHA
  • Producing System safety case

To know more about Engineering Safety please download the PDF file

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