System Assurance Consulting

Every industry and domain involve integrating a wide variety of subsystems and components from multiple vendors to create modular,integrated, inter-operable, heterogeneous and extendable systems. The challenge is to implement appropriate system assurance and safety practices throughout the system life-cycle in order to deliver a value engineered system meeting its requirements . As systems become more complex and sophisticated, ensuring assurance and safety becomes a complicated task.

In mass transit industry, systems assurance management is essential for transit agencies to provide safe and reliable high performance transit systems for the public. Systems assurance management is a framework for transit agencies and their contractors to ensure systems have been designed, constructed, and operated considering all critical factors related to RAMS – reliability, availability, maintainability and safety. Multiple government railway authorities and agencies around the world have been developing, implementing and modifying assurance management for a number of years.

We at Intellex, have a team of experienced engineers who keep themselves abreast with the evolving standards and best practices in the industries and have wide exposure in ensuring RAMS for various clients around the world, especially in railways and mass transit industries.