Intellex Consulting Services is a group of companies under the same management delivering services in system engineering and systems assurance disciplines. The company is predominantly doing business for mass transit and national rail systems.

Intellex RAMS Assurance Consulting Ltd

This company is based in UK providing specialist RAM, Safety engineering, System Assurance, EMC, Human factors consulting services.

Intellex Systems (UK) Ltd

This company is based in UK providing Requirements Management, Verification & Validation and System Integration services.

Intellex RAMS Assurance Consulting Ltd ( Indian Subsidiary)

Intellex consulting group is in process of extending their services in the form its subsidiary. Indian subsidiary will provide services in RAM, Safety, System Assurance, EMC, Human factors, Requirements Management, Verification and Validation, and System Integration. Intellex Engineers private Ltd is a partnership between Railsys India and Intellex RAMS UK.

Intellex Consulting Services have access to various associates with specialised experience on CBTC, ETCS, legacy signaling systems, Rolling stock, Power, Civil and Mechanical systems.