“Tools to identify, analyse and mitigate the deficiencies of railway system”

In today’s world with growing traffic, it is imperative that we develop new tools to optimize the performance of Railways through defect resolution and optimum maintenance strategies.Intellex in collaboration with University of Birmingham working in research projects to develop innovative tools for the Railways. We continuously make efforts to convert the work of researchers with a pragmatic approach to improve efficientcy of railway systems.

Asset Optima

Asset Optima is a web based FRACAS tool developed by Intellex Group, an innovative safety and reliability solution provider.FRACAS is a database used primarily to enter faults/failures collected from a working system as well as required improvements for procedures and processes. Based on this data, FRACAS produces a history of faults/failures of the system components in both textual and graphical formats.

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(RI) Trak Geometry Tool

Risk informed Track maintenance strategy optimisation by Whole Life Cost approach – A web based strategical tool. Intellex is developing an innovative tool in collaboration with University of Birmingham for track Geometry Measurements and it will enable Railway Operators Across the world to plan maintenance and replacement schedule, optimizing investments and traffic.

The initiative is part of Birmingham University’s Professors and Intellex Consulting UK for Railway Industry.

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