Requirements Management

“All that starts well, ends well”

Requirement management involves the process of engaging with the client to understand the requirements of the proposed project in detail, clarifying the same and offering suggestions based on the experience we have gained from engaging in various projects across the globe to ensure that the outcome meets the requirements of all the stake holders involved in a realistic manner making it economically and technically viable.

This involves analysing and eliciting the requirements, documenting them ensuring traceability, prioritising them, reaching an agreement with all the stakeholders and thereafter managing change efficiently. A requirement specification is produced as the outcome of this phase and helps in managing the different phases of the project without conflict of interest. A Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) is also produced to map each requirement client has specified in the requirement statement to the requirement specification. Conflict of understanding between various stakeholders and vendors are ruled out in the beginning itself through multiple reviews and versions so that the following phases can be handled without hassle. This process is repeated further for the development of requirement specifications for various subsystems/products contributing to the realisation of the system level requirement.

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