System Engineering Consulting

A holistic approach is required to realize successful systems as it moves from its conceptual stage to production stage and operation. As systems are becoming sophisticated, highly complex and multi-disciplinary involving multiple stakeholders and specialty groups, the need of system engineering is becoming more and more prominent. In Intellex, we have a dedicated and experienced team of system engineering consultants who will handhold the clients through the entire project life cycle to ensure that the technical and business objectives of the projects are met and quality is ensured by conforming to various national and international standards. We have the expertise to prescribe and ensure compliance to  standards in different industries; rail and mass transit industry being our forte.

Our consultants and engineers involve from the concept stage of the project, and collaborate with all the stakeholders including the client and multiple vendors throughout the different stages of the project to  ensure that the  end product/project satisfies all the requirements. We involve in all the following activities of System Engineering:

  • Requirements Management
  • Verification and Validation
  • System Integration
  • EMC
  • Performance Modeling
  • Human Factors